​​​Bhaskar Save Natural farming training Center

Bhaskar Save has spent his entire life for farming. He earned a lot of experience through experiments. Whatever he learnt is learnt from Nature. He always believed that his knowledge must be utilized for the wellbeing of Nature; because that’s where we get our food from. Even today, at the age of 94, Bhaskarji tries as hard as possible to spread this knowledge.

Many people visit Kalpavruksha, and feel inspired. But when it comes to implement actually, many difficulties arise. This scenario created the demand for a week long introductory training program, where all the basic concepts of farming are explained practically. Participants can literally live this integrated life-style for 5-6 days. They can try to sense the nature. They can observe the farming happen, on its own. And the most importantly, they can learn ‘what not to do’.

The program includes two hours of practical farm work every morning and late afternoon, approximately 4 hours each day. Farm visits are also organized according to convenience.

The program is organized in Hindi. Besides Naresh Save, Suresh Save, Ashok Sanghavi, Chandrakant Save, Tushar Mehta and Bharat Mansata  also share their experiences as and when possible.

1. Any farmer who wants to learn techniques of natural farming.
2. Who is physically able and willing to do physical farm work.

1. Applicant must fill the form and mail or post it to us.
2. There may be a telephonic or personal interview, if required.
3. Paying the confirmation fee after getting positive reply from us.